we at cafe jen care about the freshness of the coffee and we treat it with respect. we believe that both barista and roaster should work closel

we offer freshly roasted single origin beans from cool producers depending on the crop. thanks to this our espressos are alive, juicy, fruity and sweet. our filtered coffees are full of different flavors, from currant to chocolate or nuts. our milk drinks are creamy and sweet because we use only fresh full fat milks.

from the very beginning we cooperate with our friends from a great british roastery Has Bean Coffee. has bean coffee is one the leading roasteries in terms of green beans sourcng and quality of production so that we can offer very unique microlots and coffee we know well. they also work on long term relations with the farmers which allows them to progress in coffee farming and processing and thus make the coffee you drink even more special.

we also offer selection of the fresh roasted single origin beans in 250g bags so you can enjoy great coffee at home.

La Marzocco Linea PB

Has Bean Coffee (UK)

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